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Friday, Jul 19 2019 PDT

With more than 80,000 groups, Xusenet Personal Usenet account gives you access to the highest quality Usenet available and enables you to download and post to all the newsgroups you care about using your favorite Usenet newsreader and favorite web2news interface.

Take 2 minutes and open an account today. Then, experience Internet discussions as they were meant to be!

Personal Usenet Account Features:

  • Complete privacy and security. Xusenet will never sell your contact information to third parties.
  • The fastest, most reliable access. Superior peering at dozens of Network Access Points (NAPS) and a load balanced and redundant network architecture provides the fastest, most reliable access to Usenet in the industry.
  • The most complete source of Usenet. Xusenet's extensive peering arrangements combined with the largest storage capacity enable us to deliver the most complete source of Usenet available. Xusenet provides access to over 80,000 dynamic discussion groups and offers a 95+% article completion rate.


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