Tuesday, Sep 18 2018 PDT

  alt.games.command-n-conq.red-alert  Computer game Red Alert.
  rec.arts.books  Books of all genres, and the publishing industry.
  de.alt.fan.prince  Diskussion ueber den Musiker Prince.
  z-netz.rechtswesen.diskurs.verkehrsrech  Wenn?s denn doch scheppert...
  z-netz.rechtswesen.urteile.verkehrsrech  Nur Urteile mit Aktenzeichen
  alt.fan.prince  For Prince and Funky music lovers.
  aus.cars.offroad  Discussion of four wheel driving.
  england.announce.discuss  Discussions about announcements.
  alt.radio.broadcasting.open  ?
  microsoft.public.office.developer.officedev.other  ?
  alt.drwho.creative.ia  ?
  alt.frisco  ?
  fido.ham-sale  ?
  alt.sublime.d  ?
  alt.fan.states.virginia  ?
  alt.sports.soccer.manchester.united  Discussion of the soccer team
  alt.comp.shareware.for-kids  "Try Before You Buy" for children.
  linux.debian.l10n.french  debian-l10n-french@lists.debian.org
  alt.internet.access  ?
  alt.management.tech-support  ?
  alt.arts.bujinkan-sucks  ?
  alt.sex.transh  ?
  fido.belg.ra.support  ?
  alt.french  ?
  alt.sculpture  ?
  alt.games.final-fantasy.tech-support  ?
  alt.tech-support  ?
  alt.gap.international.support  ?
  alt.fan.noah-wyle  Fan group concerned with the work of actor Noah Wyle.
  rec.collecting.stamps.discuss  Discussion of stamps and philately.
  alt.irony  Discussion of irony, satire, parody, spoof and the Ring of Irony.
  alt.psychology.dramatherapy  Healing aspects of drama and theatre for psychotherapy.
  alt.games.microprose.transport-tyc  Fans of the game Transport Tycoon.
  alt.arts.books  ?
  alt.rec.collecting.stamps.discuss  ?
  alt.games.soccer  ?
  alt.may  ?
  misc.jobs.discuss  ?
  comp.ai.jair.papers  ?
  alt.omnivore.thegrouch  ?
  alt.fan.blabla  ?
  alt.fan.tylenol-with-codeine-no.4  ?
  misc.forsale.computers.modems  Modems for sale and wanted.
  alt.fax  Use comp.dcom.fax instead.
  alt.support.ex-cult  Recovering from religious cult experiences.
  z-netz.alt.hilfe  Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe?
  ger.ct.support  GerNet: Fragen zu c't-Support-Leistungen (CT.GER.SUPPORT)
  fido.gr.modems  ?
  microsoft.public.ru.access  ?
  microsoft.public.de.access  ?
  alt.fan.mike-krause  ?
  alt.radio.cb.crunch  ?
  alt.sex.fetis  ?
  3dfx.oem.products.canopus  ?
  alt.source-code  ?
  alt.fan.states.arizona  ?
  alt.languages.faroese  ?
  alt.support.childfree.moderated.sucks  ?
  alt.popularbooks  ?
  alt.unpopularbooks  ?
  alt.talk.smack  ?
  alt.models.scale.realspace  ?
  alt.autos.macho-trucks  For macho truck enthusiasts. Big block or bust.
  rec.arts.puppetry  For discussion of puppets in any form or venue.
  alt.jokes.pentium  Playing with the problems plaguing Pentium.
  alt.fan.leningrad.cowboys  Discussion about the musical Leningrad Cowboys.
  alt.fan.disney.gargoyles  The Gargoyles animated series.
  z-netz.gesundheit.pharmaka  Hoechst bedenklich
  alt.motorcycle.ride-well  motorcycle safety discussion
  fido.belg.muziek.b  ?
  fido.ru.delphi  ?
  alt.support.angioplasty  ?
  maus.comp  ?
  alt.fan.dudikoff  ?
  alt.fan.pastiche  ?
  staroffice.com.feature  Discuss StarOffice features and suggestions for improvement. (english)
  alt.drugs.prednisone  ?
  de.admin.lists  Fuer Statistiken. (Moderated)
  de.alt.games.schach  Das Spiel der Koenige.
  rec.food.drink.coffee  The making and drinking of coffee.
  alt.music.wilderness  Concerning the up-and-coming UK band Wilderness
  rec.sport.sumo  This group is dedicated to the Japanese sport Sumo.
  alt.fan.piers  Like alt.fan.piers-anthony, but for anyone named Piers.
  comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.nt.kernel-mode  Windows NT driver development.
  soc.politics.anti-fascism  The politics of fighting fascism. ?Moderated?
  alt.sports.hockey.nhl.winnipeg  ?
  misc.headlines.unitex  ?
  alt.sex.breast  ?
  alt.support.kidney-disease  ?
  alt.cellular.cdma  ?
  alt.sex.unnatural-acts  ?
  alt.penthouse.sex.breast  ?
  microsoft.public.es.visio  ?
  alt.games.redalert2.chris-pay-sucks  ?
  rec.music.marketplace.cd  Buying and selling collectible compact discs.
  alt.12steps.alanon.pat-crocker  is a sick Alanon
  alt.tv.night-tracks  ?
  linux.dev.ppp  ?
  microsoft.public.commerceserver.businessdesk  ?
  alt.current.events.net-abuse.ken-pangborn.sockpuppets.other  ?
  alt.satellite.tv.europe  All about European satellite tv.
  alt.support.cancer.breast  support for those diagnosed and their