Tuesday, Sep 18 2018 PDT

  alt.wheel.of.time  ?
  alt.family-names.muellerleile  ?
  alt.games.shadowrun  ?
  gnu.gnustep.discuss  Discussion of gnusted.
  alt.clothing.lingerie  The special secrets under wraps.
  alt.comp.pacnet.support  News, products, mutual support for ex
  alt.rap  Use rec.music.hip-hop instead.
  sci.engr.chem  All aspects of chemical engineering.
  alt.food.taco-bell  Make a run for the border.
  alt.music.iggy-pop  Discussing Iggy Pop, his life and work.
  comp.lang.lisp.x  The XLISP language system.
  humanities.classics  Discussion of ancient Greece and Rome.
  alt.fan.jiro-nakamura  ?
  3dfx.games.support  ?
  alt.personals.vancouver  ?
  alt.sex.realdoll  ?
  alt.brain.teasers  ?
  alt.autos.ford.bronco  ?
  linux.support  ?
  alt.telescopes.meade  ?
  alt.society.netizens  ?
  alt.comp.4d  ?
  alt.ipl.req  ?
  3dfx.support  ?
  alt.sports.soccer.worldcup98  ?
  alt.swnet.president  ?
  alt.fan.usenetserver.support  ?
  alt.fan.monkeylove  for discussion regarding primates
  alt.sports.hockey.nhl.nash-predators  General discussion of the Nashville Predators NHL hockey team.
  alt.lang.vrml  Virtual Reality Modeling Language discussion.
  alt.internet.i-box  Possibly about Spry's Internet in a Box package.
  sci.med.pharmacy  The teaching and practice of pharmacy.
  maus.soc.umwelt  Umweltthemen.
  comp.infosystems.harvest  Harvest information discovery and access system.
  saar.soc.umwelt  Infos zu und Diskussion ueber Umweltfragen.
  fido.ger.ongame  ?
  microsoft.public.greetings.workshop  ?
  alt.computer.workshop  ?
  microsoft.public.plus  ?
  alt.drwho  ?
  alt.cafe-vortex  ?
  alt.sports.hockey.nhl.nash.predators  ?
  alt.uk.gay.midlands  ?
  uk.sci.med.pharmacy  Relating to the practice of pharmacy in the UK
  alt.fan.tylenol-with-codeine-no.2  ?
  alt.healing.reiki  Group for reiki practionor and those interested in reiki.
  rec.boats.cruising  Cruising in boats.
  soc.culture.algeria  From A to Z about Algeria.
  comp.soft-sys.math.maple  Maple computer mathematics discussion group.
  alt.os.windows2000  Microsoft Windows2000 OS and related topics
  alt.drugs.hashish  A newsgroup for discussion of hashish.
  microsoft.public.sbk.windows2000  ?
  alt.hurricane  ?
  alt.underclass.org  ?
  alt.baldurs-gate  ?
  alt.games.baldurs-gate  ?
  microsoft.public.opk.windows2000  ?
  microsoft.public.ru.russian.windows2000  ?
  microsoft.public.pk.windows2000  ?
  microsoft.public.vb.database.dao  ?
  microsoft.public.il.hebrew.windows2000  ?
  microsoft.public.webstoragesystem.sdk.eng  ?
  microsoft.public.fr.windows2000  ?
  microsoft.public.commerceserver.campaigns_csf  ?
  microsoft.public.sharepointportalserver.sdk.eng  ?
  microsoft.public.arabic.windows2000  ?
  microsoft.public.pt.windows2000  ?
  alt.fan.tylenol-with-codeine-no.3  ?
  alt.fan.paregoric  ?
  de.soc.umwelt  Infos zu und sachliche Diskussion ueber Umweltfragen.
  alt.sport.street-hockey  Discussions of street hockey.
  misc.computers.forsale.other  ?
  alt.tv.pattlestar-gayactica  ?
  alt.family-names.cooper  ?
  misc.forsale.other  ?
  fido.ger.presse  ?
  alt.tv.degrassi  ?
  3dfx.game  ?
  soc.culture.france  ?
  misc.comp  ?
  alt.current-events.cebit95  ?
  bln.sci.umwelt  Umwelt und Gesundheit in Berlin.
  uk.rec.shooting.game  Game?pest control shooting and related disciplines
  alt.music.def-leppard  Discussion about the rock group Def Leppard.
  alt.nl.markt.comp.overig  ?
  alt.fan.dean-stark.restraining.order  An obsession with Dean Stark.
  alt.sports.baseball.ny-mets  New York Mets baseball talk.
  alt.aquaria.tropical.fish.hobbist  A discussion group for all
  alt.media.magazine.dotnet  .NET Internet magazine and its readers.
  linux.dev.svgalib  ?
  alt.fan.hurricane  ?
  soc.woman  ?
  alt.fan.richard-hoaxland  ?
  alt.unix.wizards.free  ?
  alt.flame.sean.wussboy.conley  ?
  alt.culture.bullfighting.sucks  ?
  microsoft.public.ru.russian.dotnet  ?
  alt.3.world.war  ?
  alt.fan.tylenol-with-codeine-no.1  ?
  cl.energie.umweltbilanz  ?
  alt.games.command-n-conq.red-alert  Computer game Red Alert.
  rec.arts.books  Books of all genres, and the publishing industry.