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Friday, Jul 19 2019 PDT

Xusenet offers one-stop-shopping for all your Usenet outsourcing needs -- from NNTP services to premium Web-based newsgroups.

With Xusenet, you can free yourself from the equipment, maintenance and administration headaches that typically accompany Usenet. Plus you improve the quality of Internet newsgroups for your users and lower your overall costs.

Hassle-free, high-quality newsgroups

Xusenet's NNTP outsourcing solution makes your life easier while dramatically improving the quality of Internet newsgroups for your users:

Cost savings that go right to your bottom line

Xusenet outsourcing not only helps you eliminate administration headaches and improve the quality of discussion services you give your users, it can also save you money. With Xusenet, you:

  • Pay no Usenet equipment or upgrade costs
  • Pay no Usenet administration costs
  • Pay no expensive Usenet bandwidth usage
  • If you do want pay, check netwin products for all your needs.


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