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    Xusenet provides a web interface for News services. News services provide for the centralised storage of articles which may be read and replied to by anyone interested. Articles are posted to and stored in groups (herein referred to as forums) of common content.
    Xusenet allows users to find, read, and post to newsgroups of interest through a familiar Web interface, without the need for a dedicated news client.

    Xusenet Web to News Gateway

    This is the main Xusenet page presented to the user before they login.

    From this page, you can search for, list, and access forums. A registered user may also select the option to login allowing them to make use of enhanced features.

    Local Interst Forums

    This section lists forums of interest to local users.

    Available Forums

    You may access forums by either entering a partial name in the "List Forums Containing" field and clicking "Search", or by entering the full forum name next to "Browse A Specific Forum", and selecting "Read".

    A full list of available forums is available by selecting "Browse All Forums".

    Search the full text of articles

    It is possible to perform a full text search on all forums by selecting the link to the "search form". For additional information on search features, see "Discussion Forums Full Text Search".

    Discussion Forum List

    This page provides a hierarchical overview of forums available on the server.

    Forums are grouped by their name, i.e. all alt.* forums such as alt.comp and alt.binaries are placed together under the heading alt. Pages may contain links to both forums and groups of forums.


  • alt.binaries, 10 items
  • alt.binaries.comp... 5 groups
  • alt.binaries.games... 35 groups

    This example shows a forum called alt.binaries, and two grouped forums (alt.binaries.comp and alt.binaries.games), containing 5 and 35 forums respectively within the same hierarchies.

    Discussion Forums Full Text Search

    This page allows you to perform a full text search of all messages in selected forums.
    You must provide at least one key word to search for in the "Query" box.

    The forums to search can be narrowed down by specifying relevant groups in the "Search Groups Matching" field, using a comma to separate entries. E.g. use "alt.*,microsoft.*" to limit searches to groups under the "alt" and "microsoft" hierarchies.

    Dates of posted messages can be limited by selecting the appropriate "Include items from/to" range.

    Select "All words must match?" to perform an AND search (Require all given key words be present), otherwise messages containing any single given key word will be shown.

    "Sort Results By" determines how the results will be displayed. Sorting by "Score" will display the the most relevant messages first as determined by the given keywords. Alternatively, sorting by "date" will display messages in date order, and "Group" according to the forum they are in.

  • Higher weighting is given to keywords which appear earlier in the query list.
  • Common words such as "and" are not stored in the index as they have little or no search value.
  • Sorting by date may result in messages being displayed out of order due to time zone differences.

    Subscribed Discussion Forums for <User Name>

    This page allows you to manage your profile and subscribed forums. Before you can post, you must complete your profile.
    You can logout from web news by clicking on "Logout".

    The list at the top of the page contains the names of each forum visited, the total number of messages in that forum, and the number of new messages since the user last accessed the forum. Pressing the "Reset Count" button will set the number of new messages to 0 for all news groups so only new messages will be shown.

    Forums can be removed from this page by selecting them from the list, and pressing "Unsubscribe".

    Find and Subscribe to Additional Discussion Forums

    Any Discussion Forum that you access will automatically be added to your list of subscribed forums.

    To see a list of all available forums, select "Discussion Forum List".
    Alternatively, use "Forum names that contain" to find groups with desired text in the forum name, by entering the text to search for and pressing "Search".

    If the name of the desired forum is known, "Enter a specfic Forum to read", and press "Read".

    Find Articles

    Use "Search Full Text Database" to search all articles for required content. For additional information on search features, see "Discussion Forums Full Text Search".

    Messages in Forum: <Forum Name>

    This page shows the messages in a forum that are available for you to read. Messages are sorted by thread date unless you have completed the login sequence and specified an alternate sort order in you profile.

    Use the "< Prev Page" and "Next Page >" links to navigate pages. You may also narrow your search by selecting "Search Headers" and entering text to search for. Use the "Messages in Forum" link to return to the list of most recent posts, or to once again list all posts after performing a header search.

    After login, you will have some additional options:
  • Post New Message - Post a new message to the forum.
  • Add Forum Watch - Receive e-mail notification of forum posts.
  • Cancel Forum Watch - Cancel notification of forum posts.

    Message # in Forum: <Forum Name>

    This page shows the selected article in the forum.
    Standard options include "< Prev in Thread" and "Next in Thread >" to view the next reply to the current post or the post the current post is in reply to, and "< Prev by Date" and "Next by Date >" to browse posts to the forum in date order.
    "Messages in Thread" displays all the messages in the current thread.

    After login, you will have some additional options:
  • Post Reply - Reply to the current post.
  • Add Thread Watch - Receive e-mail notification of posts to the current thread.
  • Cancel Thread Watch - Cancel notification of posts to this thread.

    Post to Forum: <Forum Name>

    This form is only available after login, and allows you to post to a forum.
    Fill out the Name and E-mail fields as appropriate. If you are replying to an existing post, the Subject will be completed for you, otherwise, enter a subject for your message. You may optionally include an attachment by clicking the "Browse..." button (This feature may not work with older browers).
    Enter your message in the text box provided.
    When finished, press "Post" to submit your message to the forum, or "Cancel" to return to the previous page.

    More Information

    For more information on installing and configuring Xusenet, please see...
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