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Friday, Jul 19 2019 PDT

Xusenet offers Usenet services to groups/ISPs and individual Usenet access to consumers.

Xusenet' Personal Accounts provide individuals interested in Usenet access with the most complete source of Usenet available.

Xusenet' Usenet Private Label services allow ISPs to free themselves from the equipment, maintenance and administration headaches that come with providing Usenet access to their customers. They can also improve the quality of Internet discussions they offer their users at a lower cost.

Currently, there are 143327 different groups. Click here for newsgroup descriptions.

Daily bandwidth           Cost 
Unlimit                 $39.99
600Mb                   $19.99
300Mb                   $12.99
100Mb                    $6.99

For binary newsgroup archives, please Click Here to go to Xusenet Picture Archive.


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